Abenteuer Allrad Exhibition 2013

Abenteuer Allrad 2013 is the 15th edition of the largest 4x4 Adventure Travel exhibition in Europe. This year Expedition Truck Brokers was a visitor, exploring  the scene in adventurous weather.

Abenteuer Allrad 2013

The first day of Abenteuer Allrad 2013 is on a German public holiday - so it was quite busy. All major players in the Expedition Truck market were there. Unicat, Action Mobile, Fuss mobile but also a few newcomers such as the dutch company Bliss Mobil.

Mercedes 1117 from Fuss Mobile

Although it's an event with German roots, slowly more international companies are joining the market place.

Mercedes Zetros from Bliss Mobile at Abenteuer Allrad 2013

It's the perfect event for those who are serious about investing in a new Expedition Truck. Also quite a few used expedition vehicles for sale are located on the visitors campsite.

Abenteuer Allrad Campsite

Apart from the Exhibition at a nearby hilltop, the makeshift campsite in Bad Kissingen draws many overland travel enthusiasts to Abenteuer Allrad.

Abenteuer Allrad Campsite 2013

The spring of 2013 has been exceptional wet making the graslands quite slippery and adventurous. Even experienced drivers with excellent equipement got stuck in the mud - which is a mix of clay and grass. Just a tiny bit of throtle and wheels start spinning.

MAN KAT 6x6 stuck at Abenteuer Allrad 2013

Two recovery vehicles helped others out, but even then, these got stuck too;

Scania Schatzgraber stuck in the mud

Also this year exceptional expedition trucks were parked a the campsite;

Mercedes Zetros at the Abenteuer Allrad Campsite

MAN Tartaruga truck at Abenteuer Allrad 2013

Peter Pan Truck at Abenteuer Allrad campsite 2013

More impressions here;

Expedition Truck Manufacturers at Abenteuer Allrad 2013

and more about the muddy scene at the makeshift campsite in Bad Kissingen.