About Expedition Truck Brokers

Expedition Truck Brokers is the first world-wide broker for expedition trucks. The company was launched in 2012 with a background of 20+ years experience in vehicle based overland travel.

Expedition Trucks are the core of our business - we provide advice to expedition truck owners on pricing and marketing to ensure the earliest sale at the market price.

Expedition Truck Brokers - Desert drive in Tunesia

We assist Expedition Truck buyers in choosing quality expedition trucks that really fit the requirements for future journeys.

Our many years of experience with expedition trucks and our worldwide contacts with suppliers, builders and owners are key to providing sound advice to our clients.

Our Vision

Expedition Truck Brokers connects owners and buyers of Expedition Trucks, providing easier market access for experienced and new expedition crews - world-wide.

« Expedition Trucks are special homes on wheels capable of undertaking long distance overland journeys covering months up to many years. We call expedition trucks "Wheel Estate" - for many reasons. Expedition trucks can irreversibly change the lives of the owners.  It's the result of a dream come true traveling the globe in your own home ».

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The decision to buy an expedition truck is the first step in the realization of that dream. Finding the right expedition truck is not easy, especially not when you're new to the territory of large and heavy truck conversions.

Selling an expedition truck is a journey in itself. As an overland traveller fresh out of a long journey,  the decision to sell is often taken reluctantly. Finding a new expedition crew is not easy to start with, and especially not when there are many memories attached to that vehicle.

Expedition Truck brokers envisions to overcome many barriers that lead to successful sale - for new expedition crews as well as expedition truck owners.