Expedition Truck Broker

Expedition Truck Brokers helps you increase the chances of selling your expedition truck. Our approach to find an interested buyer goes far beyond publicizing an online ad - and just wait.

We build our sales strategy on the inns and outs of your expedition truck - because each truck is one of a kind.  Therefore we look at your expedition truck very carefully - preferably in person - from several angles with the eye of a possible buyer.

Expedition Truck Broker - finding the right buyer

Our scope is global - finding a buyer beyond borders and language barriers, similar to the purpose of an expedition truck. World wide - long distance overland travel.

One of our sales tactics is through this website - your truck can be listed in our showroom either publicly or privately for exclusive access for interested buyers only.
We offer several sales packages from exclusive advertisements to full brokerage.

Interested? Contact us by e-mail and we will get back to you. You can also call us directly in the Netherlands - by using our contact details listed in the contact section.

Want to know more? Read about "Wheel Estate" - how we look at Expedition Trucks