The Expedition Truck Industry

The first expedition trucks have their roots in the early 60's and 70's. People became more financially independent and heavy trucks came within reach of private individuals. They started to make long distance overland journeys with busses or motorhome conversions based on second hand commercial or military trucks. With the bad roads back then large robust trucks had the best change of completing a journey by far.

The Expedition Truck market is growing slowly and steadily

Nowadays an expedition truck is still a bit of a rare sight, but the amount of expedition trucks is slowly and steadily growing. Roads have become much better world-wide resulting in a much longer life span. Also trucks last much longer now and expedition truck conversions are of increasing quality. Nowadays it's not unusual to find second hand expedition trucks older than 10 - 15 years in good shape.

Next to navigating the globe, most of the expedition trucks are comfortable enough to live in for many years, same as it is for yachts and large motorhomes.
Although the expedition truck industry will remain modest, the demand for robust 4x4 heavy truck conversions is rising and will remain so for the years to come.

Expedition truck design

In our opinion expedition trucks based on heavy truck chassis are the optimal trade-of for undertaking long distance autonomous overland journeys covering many years.

Whatever the destination - we think the ideal expedition truck doesn't exist. The design is always a compromise in many ways. Nonetheless, designs for expedition trucks have evolved over many years, re-using practical robust designs and experimentation where improvements are still possible.

Expdition Trucks are unique and one of a kind

More and more people choose an expedition truck based on a heavy truck chassis requiring a heavy truck driving license - this compared to a much smaller conversion limited by a maximum weight of 3500 Kg. For journeys covering many years and miles, the robustness of a heavy truck chassis and engine goes a very very long way.

Even after many years on the road the resell value on a second hand expedition truck remains considerable. Making it a better investment when compared to conversions based on passenger cars or light trucks.