Expedition Truck relocation

Expedition Truck relocation is an unique worldwide service provided by Expedition Truck Brokers. We can relocate or repatriate your expedition truck for you - from any location in the world to any destination, either by driving or transportation by land or sea.

Truck relocationg by Expedition Truck Brokers

We're experienced in handling expedition trucks - first because we own expedition trucks ourselves and second we know how to drive trucks in difficult circumstances and non-western countries. We fix problems as overland travelers do - protecting your property as if it was our own expedition truck.

We see 3 common situations where we can help expedition truck owners relocate their vehicle;

Truck relocation : We can help (new) expedition truck owners to move a truck to a new home country. If the truck needs to be driven out, we can help you fix all paperwork to do so and drive the truck for you. If your truck isn't road worthy or doesn't have the right paperwork we can arrange truck transportation by road.

Truck repatriation : For those deep into an overland journey, situations can arise where the driver becomes unavailable due to family matters, sickness or other circumstances. You might want to have your truck repatriated / relocated outside the country to adhere to custom regulations or simply back home. We arrange an experienced truck driver used to driving in Asian, African or any other countries.Some-one who knows the hassles of crossing borders with Carnet de Passage documents, visa's and vehicle insurance.

Truck transfer: For those on a one-way journey to Africa, Asia, the America's or Oceania we recruit a new expedition crew for you who have the same dream as you. The idea is to drive your expedition truck back home by a new and experienced crew as part of their own journey. During recruitment we can asses truck driving capabilities, expedition truck knowledge and  hands-on experience, everything what can be expected from experienced crews.

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