Expedition Truck Score

Expedition Trucks listed at our website are rated according to our own scoring system.  We score each expedition truck in 4 dimensions, as an extra service to future buyers.

Here is a sample score by Expedition Truck Brokers;

All our scores are based on first hand experience and give a good indication of the truck in the “real” world of travelling overland.

Expedition Truck Autonomy

This indicates the amount of autonomy the truck in question has. Maximum score is 120 points. Matters that count for this score are the amount of onboard fresh water, waste water, gas and diesel. Further are a generator, battery capacity and solar power things that matter for this category. The more points the better the autonomy. However it is hard to predict how long you can “survive” in the wild, because that depends heavily on for instance the amount of people you travel with.

Off-Road capability

Here we try to give you an impression what the truck’s off-road capability is off the beaten track. Maximum score in this category is 90 points. Please bear in mind that 80% of driving off-road depends on driver skills. The truck can be as good as it gets but if you don't know how to drive off-road  it won't be of any use. Here tires, suspension, differential locks, ground clearance, depart and approach angles are important items. Additionally, for instance, a winch adds some points to the score. Also the way the body is mounted is significant in this score.

Expedition Truck Luxury

The Expedition Truck Luxury score is a the combined score of living unit luxury and driving comfort of the truck.

The driving comfort of the truck has a maximum score is 80 points. Things like seat suspension, cruise-control, airco, seat upholstery and sound system are of interest for this category.

Living quarters Luxury has a maximum score of 170 points.  For instance, we score facilities like toilet type (chemical, macerator, solid waste),  instant hot water, heating, airco and a refrigerator among many other things. Also the amount of living space is a hot item here. Please note that this our perception of what is rated as luxurious on average.  Items in this category can be sheer luxury for one while for the other it’s a bare necessity or totally insignificant.

Expedition Truck Space

Expedition Truck space scores the spaciousness of the living unit, driving cabin and storage capacity of the truck. This includes storage capacity inside (lockers, closets) as well as outside (roofracks, chassis storage boxes, rearside storage). Extra points are bicycle, motorcycle or storage of a quad or even a car. Also the amount of seats, beds or space for a dog are included. Maximum score in this category is 220 points.