Expedition Truck Scout

Expedition Truck Brokers helps you find your ideal Expedition Truck in a world-wide truck scout. With us you can significantly extend your reach with our search strategy. We can represent you in a bidding process and if needed help you test and relocate the expedition truck.

In close collaboration with you we create a realistic expedition truck search profile and time-frame. Feasibility is important - rare or hard to find features are discussed with  the possibility to add these features after buying.

Currently we tracked down the following number of fully outfitted pre-owned Expedition Trucks for sale;

During our search we look for expedition trucks currently for sale in public or in private. - on a worldwide scale. Also we contact owners with a matching expedition truck, whether they are willing to sell their vehicle now or in the future.

Expedition Trucks we visit as part of a Truck Scout request are (pre-)checked as if it's our own. Vehicle quality is of paramount importance to us. We point out possible weak spots, maintenance backlogs or things we are unsure of, requiring later inspection. Above all we thread lightly and use discretion, protecting your identity.

Interested? Contact Expedition Truck Brokers by e-mail and we get back to you. You can call us directly using the contact details listed in the contact section.