Expedition Truck Test

Expedition Trucks Brokers developed an unique Expedition Truck Test to asses the quality of second hand expedition trucks. The aim is to evaluate it's road worthiness to undertake a long distance overland journey. If needed we estimate what is required  to improve durability, (off) road capability and autonomy.

We test your expedition truck or any truck you have in mind - given we can access the truck and possibly drive it  for a closer inspection. If a truck is not licensed to drive on the road due to expired certification, insurance or anything similar, we try to solve that if that's necessary for the purpose of the test.

Expedition Truck Test by Expedition Truck Brokers

An important part of our expedition truck test is the verification of assembled truck parts - such as axles, gearbox, transfer case, engine, air pressure system and so on. We use our access to various truck factory and parts support systems to technically identify your truck - the aim is conformity to manufacturer specifications.

It gives you as the (future) owner the certainty whether your vehicle is made up of the parts it's originally designed with. Changes made later-on in life such as different transmission, engine parts or extra features may improve it's off-road capability, but also can have an impact on it's durability.

Another important aspect is the tire / rim and weight distribution critical to the mobility in sand and mud.

The outcome of our truck verification enables a quicker recovery from a breakdown during a journey - preventing unpleasant surprises such as the search and delivery of wrong parts.

Expedition truck tests you can request us to do are;

  1. Factory verification
  2. Truck body test
  3. Living unit test
  4. Road test
  5. Off-road test

Interested? Contact us by e-mail and we get back to you. You contact us directly through the contact details listed in the contact section.