HUBBUK Adventure travel Exhibition 2013

HUBBUK is the first edition of an adventure travel exhibition in the UK. The event is organized by Horizon unlimited at Castle Donnington in the UK. Expedition Truck Brokers was hosted at the Adventure Trucks stand. Have a look;

HUBBUK Adventure travel exhibition in the UK

The first edition of HUBBUK took place at the end of May 2013 in reasonable weather at Castle Donnington, in the center of England near Leicestershire. Adventure Trucks had a primary spot at the entrance of the exhibition - Expedition Truck Brokers was there too.

Adventure Truck Brokers at the HUBBUK 2013 stand in Leicestershire England UK

HUBBUK is organized by Horizon Unlimited – a community with strong motorcycle traveler roots started in the mid 90’s by Chris Scott.


A few trucks were at the HUBBUK event, here’s a DAF Leyland;

DAF Leyland at HUBBUK 2013

Outfitters for Toyota Landcruisers and Landrovers were part of the HUBBUK scene, such as UK based Overland Cruisers

Overland Cruisers at HUBBUK 2013

HUBBUK had several bikers stand, such as Zen Overland, an overland motorcycle equipment suppliers

ZEN Overland at HUBBUK 2013

The Adventure Trucks stand was located next to the Etricks Electric Bike stand.

Etricks Electric Bikes at HUBBUK 2013

Expedition Truck owners often have a motorcycle mounted on the back for day trips from the campsite. The electric bike is new to the world of overland travel – specially combined with an Expedition Truck the Electric Bike can offer the same short distance mobility as it’s combustion counterpart. This with a much lighter weight (40 Kg),  no engine noise and a travel radius of about 30 - 40 Km on a single battery.

Expedition Truck Brokers stand at HUBBUK

In all HUBBUK is an interesting event for cyclists, bikers, 4x4 offroad car and truck enthusiasts interested in overland travel.

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