International Overland Travelers Meeting 2013

Here’s an impression of the 2013 Edition of the biggest overland travelers meeting also known as Willys Treffen in Germany. This is the second year in Bad Kreuznach, to accommodate even more participants and their vehicles.

Willys Treffen 2013

Willys Treffen 2013 (translated – Willys Meeting, the founder of the event) is located on a hilltop near Bad Kreuznach.

Willys Treffen 2013 - International Overland Travelers meeting Germany

It’s a social event to meet and share with other overland travelers attracting more and more overland travelers each year. Although it’s just a 3 day meeting, the event venue is open 2 days before the official launch on Friday 30th august 2013.

2 days before the opening overland traveles already arrived

For more updates, follow us on Facebook for an impression of the event. Look in the Willys Treffen Album for picture from this event;

Facebook - Expedition Truck Brokers at Willys Treffen 2013

This is our location at the event at Wednesday, 2 days before the opening;

Mercedes Benz 1719AK at Willys Treffen 2013

And this is the same approximate location, 2 days later

Day 1 at the international Overland Travel event 2013

and the view in the other direction;

Event venue of the International Overland Travelers meeting 2013