MAN 14.192 4x4 Expedition Truck

MAN 14.192 4x4 Expedition Truck has proven itself extensively on long overland journeys throughout remote regions of Africa, Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet and Asia.

January  2016 - This truck is sold.

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This Expedition Truck has several features

  • Manufactured in 1984
  • 2011 fully overhauled interior in very good state
  • Easy to drive 6 speed gearbox with low range gear reduction
  • Selectable 4x4 with Front, Rear & Center Differential locks
  • Huge amount of spare parts, tools and accessories
  • 8 Ton hydraulic winch
  • 800 liters diesel
  • Lockable crawl through hatch to drivers cabin
  • Fixed petrol generator in garage (Rope start)
  • 22" Television with portable satellite dish
  • Hot water boiler with heat exchanger from engine, 24V & 220V
  • 4x 55 Watt solar panels (2 extra supply lines for more solar power)
  • Tropical roof
  • Two compressor fridges (Box & Kitchen fridge)
  • Strong underbody protection

and much much more.

The main characteristics of this 2 person expedition truck:

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