MAN 16.192 Expedition Truck

For Sale: MAN 16.192 4x4 Expedition Truck on Dutch license plates in exceptional good state with a new 2011 interior. Due to circumstances it's hardly used and ready to go around the world with a 2 person expedition crew - an opportunity not to be missed for this price.

The overall design of this Expedition Truck has already proven itself extensively on journeys made by the previous owner in Africa and South America from 2000 and onwards.

In 2011 the new and current owner fully overhauled the interior with modern equipment installed by a professional company and had the truck technically checked and serviced by a MAN truck dealer.

This truck scores high in autonomy and off-road capability and therefore ideal for long distance overland journeys through remote regions. The engine is very easy to maintain and has no electronic parts. The full service history of this truck is known since 1986.

A few highlights;

  • New 2011 interior
  • Fully serviced by a MAN truck dealer in 2011
  • Selectable 4x4, crawler gear with front, center, and rear diff. lock
  • Maximum Speed 105 Kmh
  • New Silent remote-start diesel generator
  • New Air-conditioning in living area
  • Mini Washing machine
  • Double interior heater - Diesel & Gas
  • Gas oven in modern kitchen
  • 500 Kg Hydraulic lift motorcycle platform with motorcycle
  • Large watertank - frost protected
  • Stealth canvas covers to travel without attracting too much attention.
  • Recaro electric adjustable front seats on ISRI air-suspension
  • Tiremon Tire pressure monitor system
  • and much much more
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The main characteristics of this 2 person expedition truck:

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