MAN TGA 18.430 4x4 Expedition Camper Truck

For Sale: MAN TGA 18.430 4x4 Expedition Truck for a 3+ person crew made for Extreme Off-Roading in remote regions.

This MAN TGA 4x4 is the Ideal truck for those seeking Maximum Off-road Mobility with the best possible Autonomy.

This 4x4 Truck is all about Off-Road Performance with maximum Autonomy.  This with good On-Road comforts through a Modern TGA drivers cab for covering large (highway) distances. The 430 HP engine is optimized for High Sulfur Diesel and the best Fuel Economy possible.

A few highlights and features;

  • MAN TGA 4x4 18.430 EURO-3 chassis with full options
  • Engine tuned for High Sulfur Diesel in Asia / Africa
  • Best Fuel Economy through low RPM - 107 Kmh @ 1500 RPM
  • 3 Differential Locks + Low gear range
  • Insulated Living Unit with Twist Lock mount
  • Torsion-Free Heavy Duty Sub-Frame
  • 3+ registered Seats in the XXL drivers cab
  • XXL Drivers Cab potentially suitable for 4+ Seats.
  • 2 Spacious Bunk Beds - 210 x 97 cm
  • 1 Bed in Drivers cab & Optionally 1 more in living Unit
  • Air-Conditioned Living Unit and Drivers Cab
  • Diesel heated Living Unit and Hot Water supply
  • 1250 Liter Diesel in 3 heavy duty Diesel Tanks
  • 440 Ah - 24 Volt Battery Bank
  • 720 Watt Solar Panel Power
  • Kitchen with Cooker, Sink and Fridge
  • Bathroom with Toilet, Shower and Sink
  • and much much more

Seriously interested in this very capable & powerful 4x4 Expedition Truck?

The main characteristics of this 4+ person Expedition Truck:

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MAN TGA 4x4 Expedition Truck in the Desert

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