MAN TGM 13.280 Expedition Camper

MAN TGM 13.280 4x4 Expedition Truck for a 3+ person crew with a full Expedition Outfit and Recovery gear.

June 2017 : This truck is sold.

This 4x4 Expedition Truck is designed for Adventurous Travel in regions with Little to  Non-existent Infrastructure.

The MAN TGM 4x4 Expedition Truck has 3+ Registered Seats and 4 Beds including a large 160 cm wide 2 person Fixed Bed. This truck is in first ownership and comes with Recovery Gear and Parts.

A few highlights and features;

  • MAN TGM 13.280 4x4 chassis
  • 280 HP EURO-4 engine
  • 3 registered seats in the Drivers Cab
  • Professional Built Conversion
  • Crawl Through to Living Unit
  • Double Air-Conditioning - Drivers Cab + Living Unit
  • Large 2 person Fixed Bed - 160 cm wide
  • Large Battery Bank - 440 Ah @ 24 Volt
  • Double Frost Free Water Tank - 420 Liters
  • Double Spare Tire Rack
  • Motorcycle Platform
  • and much more

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The main characteristics of this 3+ person Expedition Truck:

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