MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 Family Expedition Truck

MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 Expedition Truck manufactured for a 4+ person crew with 4 registered seats and 4 fixed beds.

May 2017 : This truck is sold

This MAN 4x4 Expedition Truck has all features to support a crew in tropical or cold regions with poor or non-existent infrastructure, have a look;

This Expedition Truck has 2 extra fixed bunk beds for instant accessible sleeping space.

A few highlights and features;

  • MAN TGM 13.290 4x4 chassis with full options
  • 330 HP EURO-5 Engine - No Ad-Blue
  • 4 registered seats in drivers cab
  • Climate Control, Cruise Control, Climatized Driver Seat
  • MAN TipMatic ® Automatic Gearbox
  • MAN BrakeMatic ® Downhill control 
  • 4 fixed beds - 2 person + 2 x 1 Person
  • Lockable crawl through to living unit
  • Luxury bathroom with ceramic toilet, sink and floor
  • 9 kW Central Diesel heating
  • 2 kW Additional Air Heating
  • Floor heating
  • Frost free water tanks (Fresh & Waste)
  • KCT windows with insect screens and night blinds
  • and much more

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The main characteristics of this 4+ person expedition truck:

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