Mercedes Benz 1017A Expedition Truck

Mercedes Benz 1017A 4x4 Expedition Truck from 1983 with a 2012 overhauled interior. This spacious 2 person Expedition Truck has all the facilities for full time travel and living around the globe.

March 2015: This truck is sold.

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This Expedition Truck is equipped with a spacious twin bed, large kitchen and a comfortable seating area. The living unit has a large roof rack for storage and can be accessed from within through a roof hatch. The drivers cab has extra space behind the chairs and a roof rack with two storage boxes.

It's robust overall design has been thoroughly tested on lengthy overland journeys through Asia (Kathmandu) and Africa (Capetown) and will last for many many more miles. Above that, it's low profile & unmarked appearance keeps you more clear from those looking for a quick buck.

The Mercedes Benz 1017A  expedition truck is currently registered as a motorhome in the Netherlands. The interior has been overhauled in 2012 by a professional company specialized in custom built motorhomes.

A few highlights;

  • Spacious interior setup, ideal for hot countries
  • Air-conditioning front and rear (engine powered)
  • Full-time 4x4 with crawler gear
  • Rear and center differential lock
  • Hydraulic winch with remote control
  • 2x 180 Watt solar panels on the roof
  • Large 2 person bed with much headroom
  • Spacious bathroom with toilet and shower area
  • Just 3m30 high, an advantage in villages with low hanging wires
  • Internal access to the roof for picture taking or star gazing
  • The large roofrack has space for a roof tent
  • Roofrack also acts as a tropical roof, prevents interior heatup
  • Wide side & rear doors for optimal ventilation in hot climates
  • and much much more

The main characteristics of this 2 person expedition truck:

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