Mercedes Benz 917 Expedition Truck

Mercedes Benz 917 4x4 Expedition Truck from 1992 for a 8 person crew. This spacious truck with a large kitchen is ideal for those who need space and an easy entrance without extra stairs. Have a look;

This truck is sold.

This Expedition Truck is equipped with 4 separate sitting areas with a table and window. The bathroom has a separated toilet and shower area on each side of the truck.  The rear of the truck has 4 easily convertible full size bunk beds, the front a 2 person and 1 person convertible bed (total 7 full beds). The cab has space for a roof tent (not included.)

The Mercedes Benz 917 expedition truck is currently registered as a motorhome in the Netherlands. The interior is in good condition and is built by a professional company.

The floor plan of the spacious truck; (click to open)

Mercedes Benz 917 4x4 Expedition Truck Floorplan

Impression of the Mercedes Benz 917 in a different color;

Mercedes Benz 917 Expedition Truck in different colors

The main characteristics of this spacious expedition truck:

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