Muddy 4x4 offroad exhibition in Germany

The 15th edition of the biggest European 4x4 adventure travel exhibition - Abenteuer Allrad in Germany - started of with a night of heavy rainfall. The makeshift campsite in Bad Kissingen was partly evacuated because of flood risk from the river Saale - a great day for offroad enthusiasts! Have a look;

Abenteuer Allrad Campsite - The Mud Edition

Abenteuer Allrad in 2013 was probably the wettest in the 15 year history. Excessive rainfall on Thursday night changed the large make shift campsite into one muddy mess. Perfect conditions for offroad enthusiast

Mercedes Benz 917 stuck in the mud at Abenteuer Allrad campsite

Those with recovery trucks had a blast;

VW Transporter 4x4 being towed by a Unimog at Abenteuer Allrad

Entrance route to the campsite - a big slippery mess

The entrance of the campsite at Abenteuer Allrad 2013

Many were locked in by the mud overnight but wanted to leave the next day;

Mercedes G-Class being pushed out of the mud

Volvo V70 being pushed at Abenteuer Allrad

Later on the 31th of may the campsite area along the river Saale had to be evacuated due to the risk of flooding;

Evacuation at Abenteuer Allrad campsite field

Everyone on these fields evacuated to higher levels crowding already packed mud fields;

Mud field piste at Abenteuer Allrad campsite 2013

Those with street tires let out air to 3 bar for more traction

Mercedes with deflated tires to get through the mud

The 31-st of may at the campsite of  Abenteuer Allrad was spectacular - and quite interesting to learn about traction and getting stuck in extreme muddy conditions.