Overland Travel Introduction

For those new to the overland travel scene we can offer you an overland travel introduction. The aim is to go through the primary and often forgotten aspects of long distance overland travel.

2017 update: This course is discontinued in 2017.

On the road - a long distance overland journey

The overland primer has an informal character and is highly interactive covering the topics listed below. You don't have to own an expedition truck to book our Overland Travel Introduction day.

The introduction day is ideal for crews preparing a long-term overland journey or those who have not yet decided or unsure about what long distance overland travel actually means. The emphasis is about living in an expedition truck for months up-to years while navigating the globe.

After 1 day you'll come back home with enough food for thought.

The examples of aspects covered;

The Expedition Crew

  • Human side of long distance overland travel
    • Effects on the crew and family at home
    • Group dynamics - coping with stress
    • 4-legged travelers - Dogs
    • Emergencies - crew and family at home
    • After the journey - your world at home
  • Legal aspects
    • The travelling emigrant
    • Insurances
    • Pension and savings
  • Financial planning
    • Costs of travelling overland
    • After the journey
  • Safety and Security
    • Do's and Don'ts
    • Police, Military and Secret service
    • Getting robbed
  • Health
    • Physical and mental preparation
    • Getting sick
    • Mental aspects
  • Profession on the road
    • Travel and work
    • Opportunities

Expedition Equipment

  • Preparation and planning
    • Over and under planning
  • Communications
    • Emergency comms
  • Essential packlist
    • Tools and parts
    • Medical kit

The Overland Journey

  • Crossing borders (visa / carnet)
  • Culture shock & first 3rd world
  • Finding overnight spots
  • Breakdowns
  • Planning a break from travelling

Settling after the journey

  • Home culture shock
  • The dark side of post travel experiences
  • Mental and physical health
  • Getting back to work
  • Selling your expedition truck

The overland primer takes about 1 day in the Netherlands. Overnight stays are possible for those who arrive with their own expedition truck or motorhome.

Interested? Contact us for more information by e-mail or contact us directly through the contact details in contact.