Professional 6x6 Mobile Photography Studio

For Sale : Brand new Volvo 6x6 Off-road conversion as Professional Mobile Photography & Video Studio with elevated Photography & Cinematography specialty.

This highly mobile compact 6x6 truck can get you at remote and hard to reach places;

This offroad capable platform has 2 telescopic 6 and 15-meter pneumatic masts for steady aerial photography and cinematography / video journalism. Stunning images and video’s are possible from a high viewpoint using a tilt head unit with 360-degree rotation. The integrated 6 meter pneumatic operated Mast can be used instantly.

Compared to a drone, the 15 meter mast can hold a steady elevated viewpoint for a very long time.

A summary of it's features;

  • 2014 Professional Conversion - Brand new
  • 150 HP Highly Mobile 6x6 - No sensitive engine electronics.
  • 3 differential locks, low gear and hydraulic winch
  • Air Conditioning in Drivers cab
  • 2+ Registered seats with more seats inside
  • 3 Beds (1 + 2 person)
  • Motorcycle platform for local exploration
  • Generator for powering equipment when parked
  • Solar panels

The autonomous setup of this mobile studio makes it possible to operate in regions with poor or non-existent infrastructure. The compact and light weight Volvo 6x6 with 150 HP engine can reach locations with it’s superb traction, weight distribution and body clearance. An additional 6 Ton winch and recovery equipment can pull the vehicle or others out.

Impression of the setup in operation;

Mobile Offroad Photography Studio

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