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Expedition Trucks - Serious Wheel Estate

As expedition truck owner the value of your vehicle has many dimensions. By far the biggest value comes from the experience of traveling overland far away from your native country and staying at remote locations with the comforts of your home. In fact it's a priceless life-changing journey - and for most a dream come true.

Owning an expedition truck is like owning 'wheel estate' - a full comfortable house on wheels. And there are many similarities with living in a house - most expedition trucks have all living facilities within reach and make long stays, even up-to many years - well possible.

Living in an expedition truck - real estate on wheels
Your 'wheel estate' - travelling and living in an expedition truck

The wheels under your house makes it 'wheel estate' adding another dimension to it's value. All in all, the full picture of being an expedition truck owner is quite a story and hard to grasp for those new to overland travel.

Selling your expedition truck is almost a journey in itself - finding or being found by a future expedition crew doesn't happen overnight. Same as for selling a normal house -
It's a decision that can irreversibly change the life of your buyer.

Your expedition truck buyer

People who travel with expedition trucks are a rare breed - just like you. In most cases they already come from far - nurturing the dream for years about a long distance overland journey. But not all have the time and stamina to build their own expedition truck - and at some point decide to buy a second hand expedition truck. This could be your truck, if they manage to find it somehow.

We tracked down the following number of fully outfitted Expedition Trucks;

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« Being found or finding your buyer » is key in getting your expedition truck sold. As a traveller fresh out of an unforgettable journey - it's not the easiest task and for most comes with long lasting memories and emotions. It is a typical pattern, in which the owner reluctantly offers his valued Truck for sale followed by frustration and disapointment when the sale simply takes way too long.

Expedition truck for sale
The sign reads: "For sale" - who is going to find it if you can't read Greek?

For expedition trucks of considerable value - the approach to successfully sell your truck needs to be right. This goes far beyond placing a «small ad on second hand forums in your own language». A future buyer might expect a little bit more from you than a few snapshots - specially with a considerable asking price.Next to this there are several other buyer groups easily forgotten when you're an overland traveller.

Expedition Truck Brokers can help you increase your chances on getting your truck sold - being overland travellers ourselves and having owned several trucks we can relate to the world of the seller and buyer as no other.

Expedition Truck Brokers

Expedition Truck Brokers helps you increase the chances of a sale by creating a sales strategy matching your expedition truck and envisioned future buyers. This website is part of our sales tactics where you can choose to list your expedition truck.

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