Spacious 6x6 Expedition Truck with QUAD Garage

For Sale: Spacious 6x6 Expedition Truck with QUAD - BIKE Garage for a 7+ person crew

This 6x6 Expedition Truck has a wealth of Space and Storage possibilities with room for further upgrades in terms of Autonomy and Interior Features.

This Expedition Truck is based on a Heavy Duty GINAF X-3331 6x6 chassis specially designed for Off-Road Use in demanding circumstances.

A few highlights and features;

  • 2001 Heavy Duty GINAF X-3331 6x6 chassis - 335 HP - EURO-2
  • 2014 Professional Conversion
  • 3 Seats in the Drivers Cab with Air-Conditioning
  • Crawl-Through to the Living Unit
  • 2 Sitting Corners for 8 Persons in total
  • Spacious Kitchen with a Wealth of Storage
  • Separated Master Bedroom & Bathroom with Sliding Door
  • Large King+ Sized 2+ Person Bed with Air-Conditioning
  • QUAD Garage with Low Access & Integrated Ramps
  • Huge storage wall in QUAD Garage
  • Continental 14R20 Tires on Split-Rims
  • and much much more

Seriously interested in this Spacious 6x6 Expedition Truck?

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The main characteristics of this 7+ person Expedition Truck:

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