Steyr 1291 4x4 Truck History and Background

The name Steyr comes from the Austrian city Steyr, the home town of the large and former Steyr-Daimler-Puch company. Since the 1990’s the Steyr’s Truck division is part of the European truck manufacturer MAN. Currently the truck factory in Steyr - Austria produces MAN trucks and parts.

Steyr 1291 Expedition Truck camp

Because Steyr is now part of MAN, Steyr Truck parts can be easily obtained through the World-wide MAN truck service network.

Steyr 1291 4x4 truck

The Steyr 91 truck series is a successful continuation of the Steyr 90 truck line. The Steyr 1291 is a 14 ton truck based on the Steyr 1290 with a frontlenker / frontsteer cabin.

Steyr 1291 Frontsteer fronlenker cabin

This particular truck has been used by the Österreichische Elektrizitätswirtschafts-AG (state electricity company in Austria) for infrastructure service in mountainous terrain.

The 4x4 version of the Steyr 1291 was also produced as the military version 91M from 1983 and was sold to Canada, Saudi Arabia and Greece. The Steyr 91 series is still produced by the CNHTC factory in China together with the popular WD 615 engine since 1984.

The Steyr WD615 diesel engine is currently produced by the Weichai Factory in China in various power ranges and euro emission norms.

Steyr 1291 WD615 turbo engine

The 6 cylinder WD 615 Turbo line engine in the Steyr 1291 produces 190 Kw / 260 Hp. For a 14 ton 4x4 truck the engine provides sufficient power and torque in many circumstances.

For off-road use it has differential locks on the front and rear axle with a 6 gear splitter gear box. Thru the transferbox both 4x4 and 4x2 can be selected, if 4x2 is selected the front axle is disconnected for better fuel economy

This particular Steyr also has a TELMA retarder to easily navigate steep downhill sections with a full load. For example with a motorcycle mounted on the rear;

Steyr 1291 4x4 Truck Motorcycle platform

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