Steyr 1291 Expedition Truck

Steyr 1291 Expedition truck designed to accommodate 6 persons.

September 2015 : This truck is sold

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This remarkable and very capable Expedition Truck has it all for journeys through cold and tropical regions;

  • 260 Hp Turbo charged engine (still produced!)
  • Parts through Worldwide MAN Truck Service Network
  • Fast Axles - 1700 RPM at 85 Kmh, top speed 125 Kmh
  • Well insulated living unit for very cold regions.
  • Parking heater in front cabin
  • Diesel heater in living unit
  • Modern Diesel stove for cooking
  • Air Conditioning in living unit (also to remove moisture)
  • Dometic TEC-30 Remote start diesel generator (silenced)
  • Hydraulic winch
  • Telma retarder for steep descents
  • Motorcycle carrier with quick descent (see link below)
  • Shower & Chemical Toilet
  • Large solar panels
  • Double Awning (left and right side)
  • Large 3 person roof tent
  • and much much more

This truck scores high in autonomy and off-road capabilities.

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The main characteristics of this 6 person expedition truck:

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