Steyr 4x4 Double Cabin Expedition Truck

Steyr MAN 4x4 Expedition Truck, a 2012 / 2013 conversion with 4+ fixed beds.

This truck is ideal for a family with an extra 3+ kids sleeping room (top sleeper) above the drivers cabin.

December 2015: This truck is sold.

A impression of its features;

  • Insulated 2012 / 2013 living unit in excellent condition
  • Professionally built interior with quality finish
  • Up to 3 adults or 4 children can sleep in the insulated top sleeper
  • 3 rear passenger seats in drivers cabin with fold-down tables
  • Rugged 3.2 Kw AirCo unit in the drivers cabin independently powered
  • Sound proof drivers cabin for a comfortable ride
  • Unique rugged Incineration Toilet -  no black water waste. (Cinderella Motion)
  • Latest high capacity LiFeYPO4 Lithion-Ion battery technology
  • ZF Intarder (retarder) to avoid braking on long descents
  • 14.00R20 tires with 2-piece detachable aluminium rims
  • Fast axles - Engine turns at 1400 Rpm @ 80 Kmh
  • Kitchen with a gas oven and a separate sink block.

and much much more.

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The main characteristics of this 4+ person family expedition truck:

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