Truck Problem Diagnosis

Getting stuck due to technical problems with an expedition truck in remote and far-away regions is not easy. Getting a technical problem diagnosed is the first step to get going again. However some problems can be hard to solve without expert help.

Expedition Truck Problem Diagnosis - Expert help from Expedition Truck Brokers

When (visa / carnet) time is running out and good information is unavailable locally, getting help from far can be the only way to continue. The fastest way out is to have a remote representative who understands your truck problem as no other. Someone who supplies you with the right information and if needed with help of  truck dealerships and service points.

Expedition Truck Brokers can be your remote partner to help you diagnose your technical problem. Once a solid diagnosis is made, it clears the path to a solution and get your expedition truck back on the road again.

Communicating over large distance over satellite telephone

We know what it takes to communicate over long distances with satellite phones, unstable internet and cell phone connections. Our first approach is to secure and stabilize your communication line to be able to talk and exchange information.

Before you head of on your overland journey Expedition Truck Brokers can help you identify all critical truck parts using our expedition truck test. The resulting test information makes it much easier when a technical problem arises during your journey to figure out a feasible solution.

When your problem is already acute and you need help and extra hands on your location, have a look at our truck location support service

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