Truck Storage Locations Wanted

Secure & Safe storage is a much appreciated facility for Expedition Truck owners. Not only in their native home country but also during a worldwide journey when the crew has to fly home or be elsewhere.

A suitable storage location is not always so easy to find – specially with Expedition Trucks of considerable size. To help those looking for a secure place, Expedition Truck Brokers gathers storage locations around the world for Expedition Truck owners at home or on tour.

Wanted - Storage Locations

Expedition Truck Brokers continuously looks for storage locations for Expedition Trucks around the world with the following minimum dimensions;

  • Height – 3m40 upto 4 meters /  11 upto 13 foot
  • Length – 7m50 /  24.6 foot or longer
  • Width – 2m60 / 8.5 foot or more

This can be an open shed, factory hall, barn, hangar, garage, shelter, barrack,  factory plant, fort, bunker, storehouse, clubhouse, warehouse or any other tall roofed structure.
The access road should be wide and high enough for large trucks to pass through.

Expedition Truck Storage Locations Worldwide

We’re specially interested in Secure & Safe storage locations in Africa, Asia, Middle-East, Oceania, South America near international airports.

Do you own a property like this? Or know someone who does? Or have you parked your expedition truck in a similar location?

Just drop us a note and we’ll get back to you.