UNICAT 4x4 Expedition Vehicle Conversion

UNICAT 4x4 Expedition Truck for a 5+ person crew on US license plates ready to take you around the world. Have a look;

This Expedition Truck is professionally manufactured by UNICAT in Germany based on an International 7400 4x4 chassis with full options.

The UNICAT offroad conversion is capable of supporting a 5+ crew in regions with little to no infrastructure. The robust 7400 4x4 chassis is well known throughout the America's with an international service & parts support network.

A few highlights and features;

  • 2006 UNICAT living unit
  • 2006 International 7400 DT570 4x4 chassis
  • 5 registered Seats in the drivers cab
  • 5 Beds including a 2 person Queen Sized Fixed bed
  • Triple Air-Conditoning with Diesel generator support 
  • Bathroom with Ceramic toilet, Sink and separated Shower cell
  • Full Kitchen with Oven, Microwave and Double Fridge
  • Automatic Gearbox
  • Front and Rear Hydraulic winch
  • Comes with many Spare parts, Extra Gear and Manuals
  • Contact us for the full specification.

The UNICAT Interior and Exterior is built with High quality materials and a remarkable Attention to Detail.

This Expedition Truck is registered on California license plates. For non US residents there's the possibility to own this Expedition Motorhome on US plates.

Seriously interested in this 5+ person Expedition Truck?

The main characteristics of this 5+ person expedition truck:

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