Unimog 4x4 Expedition Camper Conversion

Unimog U400 Expedition Truck for a 3+ person crew with QUAD garage, Motorcycle rack and Double Air Conditioning.

March 2017 : This truck is sold

It has several remarkable features, such as;

  • 2008 U400 chassis (first owner)
  • 2008 Professionally built conversion
  • 3 registered seats in the drivers cab
  • 330 HP EURO-4 engine
  • CTIS Tire Inflation system
  • 8 Gear EAS gearbox (Electro Automatic Shift)
  • Air-Conditioning in drivers cab
  • Air-Conditioning in living unit with generator support
  • Lockable crawl-through
  • QUAD garage
  • Motorcycle rack

and much much more.

This truck requires a C class (HGV) drivers license above 7.500 Kg. (European Market)

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The main characteristics of this 3+ person expedition truck:

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