Unimog U1300 4x4 Expedition Truck

Unimog Expedition truck to take you around the world. Have a look;

November 2016 : This truck is sold.

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This Unimog Expedition Truck with Fast Axles is registered with a maximum weight of 7500 Kg

This capable Expedition Truck has a fixed 2 Person Bed on a Unimog 4x4 with a rare 3.70 Meter wheelbase.

A few highlights and features;

  • 170 Hp Turbo engine
  • Fast Axles
  • Rare 3.70 meter wheelbase
  • Torsion free sub-frame (3 point)
  • High air intake & 5.4 Ton front winch
  • Air-conditioning in the drivers cabin
  • 2 Person Fixed bed
  • Extra 2 person sleeping space in the dining area
  • Seats in the dining area are registered in the vehicle papers
  • Clutch assistant, switching gears without pressing the clutch pedal
  • 3 kW AC Inverter powered directly by extra alternator from the engine
  • Large roofrack on the living unit
  • Wide awning / sunscreen
  • Space for 2 spare wheels on the rear (1 mounted)
  • and much much more

The main characteristics of this 2 + 2 person expedition truck:

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