Unimog U2450 4x4 Expedition Truck

Unimog U2450 L38 4x4 Expedition Truck with electric lift roof and remarkable features.

August 2016 : This truck is sold.

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The lift roof construction creates a compact Expedition Truck in comparison to others allowing it to reach destinations where longer and higher trucks with a fixed 2 person bed can't go. When the lift roof is down, the living unit can be used normally.

The living unit is made by a reputable German Expedition Truck outfitter and is in pristine condition. The electric lifting roof creates a large master bedroom in minutes.

It has several remarkable features, such as;

  • Hydraulic leveling system on the rear axle
  • +22% gear ratio through a Claas Overdrive
  • Unimog Working gears
  • 8 gear splitter gearbox
  • CTIS Unimog Tire Inflation system
  • 5 x Hutchinson alloy split rims
  • 880 Watt solar panel system on the roof
  • Diesel cooker and oven
  • Large cabin roof rack (by Unicat)
  • Special headlights with 4 large lights on the roofrack
  • Protected windows when the lift roof is down
  • Lockable crawl through

and much much more.

The main characteristics of this 4 person expedition truck:

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