Renault 4x4 Expedition Truck Conversion

Renault 4x4 Expedition Truck with Stylish Interior for a 2+ person crew - Professionally made. Have a look;

Unimog U1250L 4x4 Expedition Camper

For Sale : Compact Unimog 4x4 Expedition Camper for a 2+ person crew - Have a look;

Bucher Duro 6x6 Expedition Truck Chassis

For Sale: Mowag Bucher Duro II 6x6 chassis, a perfect base for a very capable Expedition Truck.

Mowag Bucher Duro 6x6 Expedition Truck Chassis

There are Two identical 6x6 chassis in a good state.


UNICAT 4x4 Expedition Vehicle Conversion

UNICAT 4x4 Expedition Truck for a 5+ person crew on US license plates ready to take you around the world. Have a look;

MAN KAT 6x6 Expedition Truck

For Sale : Exclusive & Luxurious MAN KAT A1 6x6 Expedition truck registered in Italy as a mobile home. This Expedition Truck has a fully autonomous design capable of supporting a crew of 6 persons.

Unimog 4x4 Expedition Camper Conversion

For sale - Unimog U400 Expedition Truck for a 3+ person crew with QUAD garage, Motorcycle rack and Double Air Conditioning.

Mercedes Benz 917 Expedition Truck

For Sale: Mercedes Benz 917 4x4 Expedition Truck from 1992 for a 8 person crew. This spacious truck with a large kitchen is ideal for those who need space and an easy entrance without extra stairs. Have a look;

New 2016 Price : € 29.950

Volvo 6x6 Motorhome

Volvo TGB 1314 6x6 Motorhome for a 2 person crew

Update March 2016: THIS TRUCK IS SOLD

Iveco Astra HD8 8x6 Expedition Truck

For Sale : Iveco Astra HD8 8x6 Expedition truck manufactured in 2014 for a 4+ person crew.

Mercedes Sprinter 6x6 Expedition Truck - Oberaigner

Mercedes Sprinter Oberaigner 6x6 Expedition Truck manufactured in 2014 for a 2+ person crew registered in Germany.

January 2016: This truck is sold.

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